Interview with Tyriq Joseph, Captain of the U17 Boys National Team.

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How does it feel to play for the U17 Boys National Team?

– It’s a great honour to represent my country I love football and enjoy being a part of the team.

How was it to play in the match agianst U17 Belize?

– It was an intense match but we didn’t give up we played our best best till the end.

What can you say about match agianst U17 Belize?

It was a tough match but I told our team to play hard and don’t give up. Let’s try our best to win

You scored the 1-1 goal on penalty. How was it score the 1-1 goal?

– I felt great and over joy because we needed a goal and I was happy to be the 1 to equalize the match.

Today will you play agianst U17 Dominican Republic. Do you know anything about them?

– Well from what I heard they are a strong team. But we are ready for the game and will try our best to execute.

Do you have any special ritual that you do before the matches?

– Well before the matches I make sure I pray and ask God for guidance and strength to do my best.

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