Club Licensing Registration – 2023

Dear Sir/Madam, 

As was previously discussed on 5th November, 2022, the deadline for submission of applications for the 2023 Dominica Football Association Football Season is 14th December, 2022. The application was expected to be submitted online using the Concacaf Comet Platform. 

The DFA is, however, aware that some clubs are having some difficulties in completing the application online as was previously agreed. It must be noted that some clubs have already submitted their online application. 

Having said this, the ExCo of the DFA has taken the following decisions. 

  1. Clubs can now submit hard copies of their application as was previously done. 
  • Clubs that have already submitted online, may choose to submit hard copy if they so desire. (It is advisable that clubs should still submit hard copy application, just to make sure) 
  • Clubs that will submit hard copy applications will be assisted with inputting the information Comet Platform in January 2023. (Clubs will be informed re appointment) 
  • The deadline for the submission of all applications for the 2023 Football Season is 31st December, 2022. 

On behalf of the Executive Committee of the Dominica Football Association, it gives me great pleasure to invite your club to apply for a license to participate in the football leagues and competitions organized under the auspices of the DFA for 2023.

To complete the registration process, clubs are required to submit the following documents. All documents must be duly signed by the authorized signatory.

In order for your club to receive the license, you need to satisfy the following requirements. Please ensure that all requirements are properly satisfied. (Half information may delay approval)

They are; 

  1. Club establishment date 
  2. Date of last Annual General Meeting 
  3. Proposed date for next Annual General Meeting 
  4. Banking information 
  5. Name of financial institution 
  6. Account Number 
  7. Appoint a qualified Head Coach to First Team (Concacaf or FIFA certification) 
  8. Composition of the entire executive and contact information (phone and email) 
  9. Names of teams attached to the club and names of qualified coaches for these teams 
  10. Appoint a General Manager (Phone and email address) 
  11. Appoint a Media Officer      (Phone and email address) 
  12. Appoint a Finance Officer    (Phone and email address) 
  13. Appoint a Marketing Officer (Phone and email address) 
  14. Registration of First Team Players and Coaches (Date of birth and address are compulsory) 
  15. Submit Budget for 2023 season 
  16. Submit Legal Declaration Form by authorized signatory 
  17. Submit Club ownership structure and control mechanism 
  18. Submit Club statues or equivalent document 
  19. Anti Racism Protocol (DFA to provide and club to upload)
  20. Legal Declaration form (DFA to provide and club to complete and upload)
  21. Confidentiality Agreement (DFA to provide and club to complete and upload)
  22. Annual affiliation fee of EC$300 (Paid directly to DFA or other suitable arrangements for payment) 

Also, please be advised that requirements 1-5 (one document) and 8-11(one document). All other requirements must be submitted as a single document. For example, Budget (one document) First team players (one document) etc.

All applications must be submitted to the DFA no later than 31st December, 2022.  

Please do not hesitate to contact me for further information or clarification that you may need. 

Thank you for your kind cooperation in this matter and we look forward to providing the necessary support. 



Ericson Degallerie 

DFA Club Licensing 

Cc President, Mr. Glen Etienne 

General Secretary, Miss Jarsmine Vidal Matthew

Club infrastructure form:

General club form:

Club youth development form:  

Finance club form:

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