Regional Training Center (RTC) Program

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The Dominica Football Association is making continuous efforts in developing youth football. These efforts are in the form of increased budget spending for programs that address training, playing and youth development opportunities. As such, the youth of Dominica have stood to benefit from its latest initiative called the Regional Training Center RTC Program.

The RTC program is a talent development scheme aimed at identifying, engaging and transitioning football talent in Dominica. The program seeks to provide an early start to prospective youth national players thus remedying technical and tactical deficiencies that have been plaguing national team success at all levels.

Such a program also deepens the selection pool for youth national training squads by affording elite training opportunities to a greater number of talented players. This is especially beneficial to talented players who lack economic resources. Essentially, the RTC program is an elite program that seeks to prepare prospects for youth national teams and beyond.

Program Details:

There are currently 6 RTC’s.

The six RTC districts are Point Michel, Roseau A, Roseau B, Portsmouth, La Plaine and Castle Bruce.

Each RTC engages at least 12-17 boys and girls.

The RTC Cycle starts in October and ends in July.

RTC’s are required to train two days per week.

All RTC’s are staffed with 3 Coaches, 1 Medic and 1 Coordinator.

RTC’s are fully equipped and sustained by the DFA.

Special emphasis is placed on growing women’s football.

The RTC program is currently being fed by the many grassroots football structures on island- another strategic initiative of the DFA.

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