Interview with Jack Serrant-Green, player in Boden BK in divison 1 in Sweden.

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Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and your football background?

– My name is Jack Serrant-Green i come from Nottingham England. I am a professional footballer currently playing in Sweden.

You are now playing in Boden BK in division 1 in Sweden. How is it to play with them?

– I was very happy to resign for 1 more year after the success we had last year winning division 2.

How did you end up in Sweden?

– I came to sweden for a trial period on the LFE Player placement scheme and secured a contract to stay permanently after a couple of weeks.

You have played for 6 teams in Sweden. Before that you played for Burton Albion. How was it to play in UK?

– I played 1 year as a pro in England from 18-19 Playing in the UK was a good experience its very competitive and there are alot of good young players. The english league being as attractive as it is for players all over the world alot of good home grown players have to seek opportunities elsewhere in europe to have time to develop. I would love to go back to England and play again as i feel i have unfinished business in the football league to show everyone what i can do.

Last season you come on second place in the goalscore league with 28 goals in 26 matches. What has made you a great goalscorer?

– As a number 9 in the style that i play i rely mainly on service from crosses and passes in behind. Last season was a good example of getting great service from my team mates which gave me the opportunity to score as many goals as i did. To be a good goalscorer is like anything in football it need practice and repetition. You man only get one chance in a game but if youve practice that scenario a thousand times then its easier to take that chance when it comes.

Your team won the divison 2 last season. How did it feel to win that league?

– It was a great feeling to win the league last season in dramatic fashion on the last day. Its important to enjoy these big moments in football as any professional athlete will know at lot of hours of work in your career day after day can breed success but not everyone gets a league title.

For some days ago you played your first league match in division 1 with Boden BK agianst Linköping City. It ended 4-0 to Linköping. What can you say about the match?

– Linköping are a good team we had some major mistakes in the game and gifted them goals from that but i think if they maintain that level they will be a top team this season its always tough to start the league away from home and against a top team. These games can be more important than winning from a developmental perspective as that is where growth takes place. We have a very young team and new to the league we will bounce back from this stronger.

What kind of an player are you?

– Im am a athletic number 9 i can play as a target man and hold up the ball and create opportunities for team mates. I can also play as a secondary striker as i am also fast. I have good feet which is important as a typical number 9 as its important to hold the ball to allow your team mates to get up the field to support you. Mainly i am known for my finishing and presence in the box ill do whatever in take to get the ball over the line. Nobody wants to attack the ball as much as me in the box.

What is your dream as an football player?

– My dream is to play as high as possible im yet to get to a level where i feel ive reached my limit I continue to improve everyday but like any athlete will tell you its about opportunity you need someone to take a chance on you to prove yourself at the top level.

Do you have an desire to play for Dominica National Team?

– I was approached to play for Dominica 2 seasons ago we have been trying to apply for my passport for some time but laws in Dominica have made it difficult for them to recruit second generation player from outside Dominica. I continue to appeal for a Dominican passport and continue to show ambition to give back to my Grandparents Homeland. I would be very happy to play for Dominica national Team and the Serrant’s and the Baptiste’s in my family would be happy to see that to as they wait with there banners to support me.

I just want to say thank you to all who have followed my career hopefully we keep climbing up the football ladder together. For football Updates Follow me on Instagram


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